About us

Our Mission

Goglu.net’s mission is to develop a network of contacts solely and entirely dedicated to private daycares and daycare teachers in Quebec. Goglu.net aims to successfully satisfy 100% of replacement staffing requirements of registered daycares within the specified deadlines.

Our service offering

  • Goglu.net is open to all private daycares and childcare teachers in Quebec.
  • Goglu.net is an advanced web-based tool for replacing and recruiting educational staff.
  • Its business model is unique, fast, and user-friendly, designed to minimize time spent replacing absent employees and recruiting educational staff.
  • Its billing model, based on usage rather than on wages paid, is revolutionary in the field of personnel placement.
  • Goglu.net enables educational staff to see all employment offers meeting their criteria in real time.
  • Goglu.net enables educational staff to be paid their full wages by the daycare with no intermediary. Hours worked are thus recognized by the Ministère de la famille for qualification purposes.
  • Thanks to its simple, efficient availability schedule, Goglu.net enables educational staff to balance work, school, and family commitments.
  • With its alerts and automatically updated calendar, Goglu.net makes it easier to respect commitments.

Our values

  • Respect
    • For children, their safety, their wellbeing, and their development
    • For employees, the confidentiality of their personal information, and their preferences
    • For employers and their legal and client obligations
  • Fairness
    • The link-up module uses measurable variables (availability, commuting distance, hourly wage, language, qualifications, diplomas, etc.)
    • It acts in real time, prioritizing the first confirmation

History of Goglu.net

The idea to build a website serving the private daycare sector emerged during discussions with owners of private daycares and childcare workers.

Faced with a limited pool of qualified workers and the constraints of using agencies to replace staff, each daycare centre has developed its own solutions – each with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

  • Daycares offering a four-day work week use teachers’ “free” days to meet their replacement needs, postponing their employees’ days off to help them achieve work-life balance . Cost: difficulties related to juggling schedules, which can quickly snowball.
  • Daycares dealing with absent staff sometimes restructure groups, with the director herself looking after a group of children. Cost: Managing the reorganization and the resulting impact of this instability on some children.
  • Some larger daycares simply hire a permanent substitute teacher to fill in for absentees. Cost: none, unless several replacements are needed at the same time.

Used on a regular basis none of these approaches seems optimal or comprehensive.

The main concerns of teachers are as follows:

  • Achieving work-life balance
  • Simplifying their job search
  • Having their hours recognized by the Ministère de la famille
  • Wage discrepancies and contractual constraints

Goglu.net was developed specifically to serve private daycares in Quebec by eliminating existing job market constraints as far as possible.

When you register with us, goglu.net’s history will become our history.

Let us know what you think at info@goglu.net

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